650K UR
200K SPG
146K AS
326K AA
XXX MR (can MS 200K/month if needed)

Will also be taking my parents in law SHE-DPD-CTU-SHE-MSP on the same dates, In J iguess.

Want to come back well before May 1st, since travel in China gets crazy the weeks before and after.

Looks like outbound I can do MSP-ORD-TPE-DPS on United and EVA for 80K or 90K UA miles, or Korean from ORD for 75K miles, doing the MSP-ORD leg on DL for 11.5k.

Delta has CTU-SHE flights in C for 15k, even a nonstop or 2.

Hard one to figure is DPS-CTU. Still working on it.


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Maybe look at the Garuda flight Tokyo to DPS. They are supposed to be very nice up front. You could theoretically get one-stop to DPS (I guess DL still flies NRT-MSP?), but idk about availability. BR is excellent. I really like Korean too myself, but I'd check if DPS gets full flat or the angle flat. But I'd go for BR on one ticket, and remember the volcano has made things iffy a few times so one-ticket has a little extra value with DPS in case changes are needed.

For getting to CTU, you're gonna end up on regional config either way. SQ and MH both look like it's a narrowbody, but Thai at least has widebody 330 and they have the massages in BKK. Cathay Dragon might be ok, I do like HKG better than anywhere but again it's probably narrowbody on the CTU leg.