Mortgage inquiries impact on CC apps?


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We often consider the effect of CC apps on mortgage loan. I'd like to know the reverse. It looks like I'll be getting a tailored pre-approval letter for each offer I make, and each of those I believe is a separate hard inquiry to all 3 CBs (at least that's how this broker works). It's said the credit scoring system may automatically adjust the credit score to treat multiple mortgage HPs as one within ~30 days, but I want to know what about the HPs themselves. Do they get consolidated in any way (like treat all HPs as one HP within 30 days), or do you just get hit with ~5 HPs if you make 5 offers (and maybe +1 for the actual loan)? If the latter, do CC companies treat those the same as a CC HP (which would have a terrible effect on CC apps for a while)? Any insight appreciated.

p.s. I'm in a seller's market with bidding wars.


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I remember I was looking for rental places as I was moving. Wherever I put in the initial deposit, I got a HP. It was annoying as I didn't have to do that few years ago. But anyway, they did tell me that it'll consolidate as one if down within 30 days.