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Money Order problems at Walmart

Discussion in 'Welcome, and General Discussion' started by smjd, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. smjd

    smjd Level 2 Member

    Have recently had trouble buying money orders at two Wal-marts in the northeast.

    At one store where I had previously bought MOs using VGC, the manager said they do not take Visa Debit (Not VGC) for Money Orders anymore.

    At another store there was a sign up stating "No money orders at this time".

    Anyone else have any data points of wal-marts tightening rules or changes happening w.r.t. money orders at wal-marts?
  2. projectx

    projectx Level 2 Member

    My go-to WM (midwest) now has a manager that will not split payment. Everyone else does without hesitation. The problem is avoiding the customer service desk if she's around! Otherwise business as usual. So I wouldn't give up on that one store yet.

    Not sure what to think about the "no money orders" sign. Regardless, it's getting tighter out there that's for sure.
  3. AnyNameYouWish

    AnyNameYouWish Level 2 Member

    They don't take debit cards anymore? Really? Sounds like bull.
  4. MouseStomper

    MouseStomper Level 2 Member

    This must be very cashier dependent. The evening shift at my go-to wm has no problem, but go in the morning and you'll get a speech about how people are using VGCs for criminal activity and they need to protect themselves.
  5. GEN

    GEN New Member

    It's very YMMV but there's no nationwide ban on this method of liquidation as of yet. Haven't seen widespread DPs of this being an issue on reddit. You've tried other walmarts besides just those two, right? It sounds like a regional thing, but I would still wager you could still squeak by (though it'd mean striking out a lot more). Tons of people are lazy or unaware of rules. As always, of course, don't float more in gift cards than you can afford to lose (or not liquidate)!
  6. seespotjump

    seespotjump Level 2 Member

    For WM in CA, it seems like business as usual. Your specific case seems like a one off, as opposed to a change in policy. Have you gone back to either WM since your original post?
  7. scdc

    scdc New Member

    I'm in the NE and haven't had any type of problems like that liquidating at WM even as of today. Occasionally a new cashier will show up at the customer service counter and gives me a look like I'm trying to rob the place when I ask for $2k in MOs and tells me some version of "we don't let people buy that much" or "I need to see some ID" or "why are you using gift cards?" I just politely go along with their requests and at worst they call a manager over and the manager allows me to make the purchase and be on my way. Hopefully things have gone better for you since your post.
  8. Lacrosse

    Lacrosse New Member

    Just bought 3k last night with no issues, I've had certain cashiers tell me no so I avoid them now.
  9. Jay Shaw

    Jay Shaw Level 2 Member

    So far good for me in NYC. No issues with WM MO.
  10. MouseStomper

    MouseStomper Level 2 Member

    I've been told so many things at so many different walmarts. If the cards have my name on them I usually have no problem. It's all the others that create a hassle.
  11. twiga

    twiga New Member

    The 'rule' at WM really varies a lot. You will notice that one store can be friendly, while the other one 2 min down the road is not. A change of management can also completely turn the tide. Lots of trial and error, and getting a feel of the place. And always with trepidation on a return visit because never know when the rules will change again. A little social engineering helps sometimes...
  12. misenlai

    misenlai Level 2 Member

    Correct, this is wildly varied from one location to another. However, my advice is if you do find a cashier that take your order, be extremely nice to him/her, make friend!! Note the day/time that person works so you can come back to the same person every time.

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