Maximize a 10-15 night stay


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Format (Hotel/Person/Stays/Nights)
IHG/Wife//: Accelerate: 5 nights at Holiday Inn Express gives 40k points
IHG/Me/-/3: Accelerate: finished most of it except 4 more nights get 10k points

My boss likes to stay at Hampton Inn. I could try to convince him (& others) to stay at a different place. But, I better not screw up if I make them stay some place else. The added benefit of this would be I could get to book all of our travel. That would be at least 4 people (potentially 5) for 13-15 nights (some night stay for shorter duration but the potential is there).

This will be in Tulsa, OK in Oct. To be specific, it's should be in/close to Broken Arrow, OK. Any advice or suggestion on maximizing points or status?

I have Hilton Diamond for this year (CC spend), IHG Platinum, Hyatt Plat, Marriott Gold, SPG Gold all by CC)