Mattress Runs for IHG bonus points


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Some cities in the US are known for really cheap hotel stays which are great for mileage runs.

There are also areas south of the border which have IHG properties that can be cheaper, especially with the weaker peso.

One of these is the Holiday Inn in Tijuana, Baja California. The hotel is just about 10 minutes south of the San Ysidro (San Diego) border, as low as $65 for AAA rates, cheaper for gov't rates.

Can we share other properties on this thread?


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I found one in Mexico City for $68.... I haven't been there so it might make sense to just stay at HI for cheap while earning points.


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I used this property (just down the street from my office) for a mattress fun in December for the Into The Nights promo.

Candlewood Suites - Birmingham, AL

Non-refundable rates from $68.95 + taxes and fees ($78.60 estimated total). For one of my stays, I forgot to actually go check in :rolleyes: and the stay still was credited to my IHG account and counted for the promotion. So, this may be useful for non-local mattress runners! I paid about $270 total to cash in on the Into The Nights promo for 2 free nights-- will be using those on a weekend trip to Vegas (The Venetian) or San Francisco (Intercontinental) this fall.


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My go to for affordable mattress run is always Candlewood . They are around $70 on good days and $80 on busier times in Chicago. My accelerate 2015 had been worth it. Got Two free nights for a hair under $300. This got me a room at the intercontinental in london for late april. This time for accelerate I think I got one of the least desirable offers and haven't done a mattress run.


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The Holiday Inn in Sterling, VA near IAD is usually $66 on weekends. Big swimming pool, too.
Many hotels in Northern Virginia are cheap on weekends and even cheaper out near IAD. I've done so many mattress runs on Hyatt, Choice, and IHG out there by now. Sometimes, I'll stay in a hotel at Rosslyn (even if more expensive) for easier access to DC and a shorter drive.