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I've got an AMEX Biz Platinum account issue that the bozos on the phone can't/won't understand and resolve. They've become real asses about it... their last letter (which regurgitates the same irrelevant response as their previous several communications) ends with "Unless you provide new information, this office will file your future correspondence regarding this matter, but we will not respond." Since they've NEVER even addressed ANY of the facts I've presented them (it's really as if they're crossing their responses with some other guy with a different issue altogether), EVERYTHING I present them is "new information." But... clearly they don't care at the level I've been communicating. So...

Has anyone got contact info for AMEX "executive escalations" or somesuch other office that might actually want to resolve a problem? PM's are fine.

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Marathon Man tried that. It seemed to help, he thought, but then heard they re-clawed back points. This whole thing may lead to a class action because they really screwed up with people's accounts many of whom didn't ms. Although, it sounds like some are opting for mediation or arbitration as the account terms stipulate, so maybe class action isn't allowed for this type of thing. I'm not interested in going that route, but will cut my losses on this one.

Last class action I was involved in started with a company ignoring me and not willing to be reasonable in what they owed me in damages. It took me 3 years to bring in many others across the country who had also been wronged, got a lot of them to the same law firm (to increase pressure for my case too). They finally settled for close to 3 billion and we all got paid. That class action worked because the firms got a decent amount, but we got what we needed on top of fees. It took patience and everyone had to stay in, but it worked. That company would have saved a lot of money if they just would have been reasonable at the beginning. All it takes is at least one activist that won't stop and a hard working firm.

Back to OP's request. This thread at FT may help: http://www.flyertalk(DOT)com/forum/american-express-membership-rewards/1786662-amex-mediation-arbitration-help.html#post27113445

Replace the (DOT) with a . They went through mediation and prevailed, but there's was not MS related.
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Thanks. Fortunately, mine is not an MS issue... so I don't have to worry about drawing attention. It's just me trying to redeem rewards and their website keeps telling me to try again later... for the last 7 months. When I call regular CS, I get the phone rep equivalent of a blank stare, with the most common response that I should "try again later." Thanks for helping translate that error message for me, AMEX.

I finally 'reached' them through a BBB complaint (who they annoyingly cut out of the conversation by replying directly to me every time, rather than put their response on the BBB record). They keep referring to boilerplate on the Rewards program that says you can't claim them if you have a zero balance. One time... ONE TIME that I tried to redeem, I happened to have a zero balance... and they have latched onto that like a suckling pig... and so in every correspondence, they keep regurgitating that boilerplate. So... last month, I left a balance sufficient to cover the Reward redemption for the entire cycle... their last letter says "Now that the account billing cycle has closed, you may request to redeem your reward dollars as statement credits since your account has a balance due." Great! So...


Now I have _2_ issues... 1) redemption, and 2) douchebags at the customer service wheel.

I was hoping to find an internal phone number where I could speak to a real and reasonable person-- "executive escalations" of some sort, Centurion rep (my card isn't, but figure they'd be sharp people), whatever. Google is not the answer.