Living in a Hotel


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If all goes as planned, I will retire early a little over a year from now.

I've recently learned that later this year, I will be assigned to a new gig (same employer however)....

With the new gig, I only need to report to the customer location a few work days per month (DC), but can work remotely the rest of the time, but need to remain loosely in a radius of the area in case of meetings on short mostly a digital nomad, but one employer, one city.

My current lease will also end later this year. My building management does not allow for shorter than one year leases, with the exception of month to month and month to month rates are so expensive as to be laughable.

I started looking at what I'm paying now and when all is added up, it's approximately the same as a midrange hotel room (Holiday Inn Express, Courtyard, etc.).

All of this has led me consider just downsizing, putting my things in storage and just staying in hotels for these remaining months - during the work week and then working from my friends & family homes on weekends...particularly since I have access to many flight possibilities (I would probably end up working from hotels near IAD, National Reagan or less frequently, BWI). Weekends in the winter, I would likely just remain in the area, since I still have some friends and family in DC.

Any suggestions as to which hotel chains to focus on? particularly, chains known for offering good rates on extended stays, would be helpful. Someone has already suggested I look at the Citi Prestige card - I think (?) every 4th hotel night is rewarded? I need to look into that card.

Another motivation for this scenario is accumulating many stays leading to better tier status and points in order to fund a bit of post-retirement travel..

Again, all suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.