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I have been staying in Accor hotels since a 1994 visit to Sofitel Metyropole Hanoi but I don't really remember the program until we lived in Sofitel Plaza Hanoi from 2005 to 2007 and I finagled them into giving me points for our apartment rental.

Since then, I would guess I am one of the top individual member as next weeks New York stay will give us 85 nights for the year.

I have always had a problem with their announcing promotions after I have already booked long in advance. Usually I reserve directly with the hotel so I can unbook and rebook online but that seems such a waste as does having to register for a 2x, 3x or more promotion. With all of the Points/Miles guys, I get notice as I usually do from Accor directly.

I also often have a problem gaining these bonus points as they may not be directly credited. Sometimes it isn't a big deal but I recently spent 19 nights in Hanoi in 2 different properties and had signed up for a 4x stay bonus. They didn't credit it and I wrote several times, even getting a response that Vietnam was not covered as they were thinking of a DIFFERENT promo.

Finalmente! After three more emails, I got my bonus, which translates to $620US or about 2-3 free nights. Whew! Anyone else have problems like this?