Layover time traveling back to US b4 separate ticketed flight?


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My wife and I booked the awesome ANA first class flights direct from IAD-NRT as our first 1st class flights via Virgin points. She needs to get to Knoxville to pick up the kids when we return. Our return flight into IAD arrives at 10:40AM. Should she clear customs (with Global Entry) in time to make a 12:57PM flight?

We each have had bad experiences with groups not making it through customs in Toronto and Mexico City on 100 minute layovers in time for flights, but haven't tried it on domestic customs.

Again, this is an issue primarily because her 12:57 flight would be separately ticketed on United.

Any recommendations from those with experience in IAD customs or general US entry times before a separate ticketed flight?


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I typically book a few southwest points flights as backup. If not needed, I cancel for free.

I'm not familiar with IAD but I've personally never needed more than 30 minutes from landing to after immigration at MIA, JFK, SFO, ORD, EWR, etc, with GLobal Entry. I'd say you're fine unless there is a flight delay or TSA f---up.


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It also seems to make a huge difference when you are first class for getting off the plane quickly and beating the crowd through customs and such. I think you will be ok.