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Discussion in 'Award Booking Help' started by HSK, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. HSK

    HSK Level 2 Member

    please help me improve my itinerary for january/february 2018 (5 nights in sin and 5 nights in koh samui) for 4 people (2 toddlers so 1 stop is max and less travel time is always preferred). business/first is preferred but not essential.

    i have the following miles:
    UR - 800k
    MR - 40k
    SPG - 100k
    AA - 500k

    i was thinking of flying:
    option 1
    - korean air LAX-SIN round trip
    - then fly silk air SIN-USM for 25k round trip (singapore airlines miles).

    i'm not a big fan of having separate tickets cause i'm terrified that there will be a delay and i'll miss the connecting flight.

    option 2
    - singapore air LAX-SIN-USM one way
    - return leg???

    i've done simple searches on united and singapore airlines and the 10+ hours of layover or 2+ stops won't work. i'm sure there are lots of people smarter than me that can figure this out. please help!
  2. dukerau

    dukerau Level 2 Member

    • Note that with SQ, there is no non-stop LAX-SIN. You have a no plane change stop in either ICN or NRT. So LAX-SIN-USM is actually LAX-(XXX)-SIN-USM. Don't know if that's ok with you with your 1 stop max.
    • What about Cathay? LAX-HKG-SIN then return USM-HKG-LAX. Use SQ or cash for SIN-USM.
    • SQ allows a stopover, so you could do LAX-(XXX)-SIN / (stop) / SIN-USM / (destination) / USM-SIN-(XXX)-LAX
    • Availability is going to be tough for 4 seats in J/F though
    Do you have specific dates, or are you flexible? There are certainly 1 stop LAX-SIN options with reasonable connections. For example, Asiana operates LAX-ICN-SIN with a 1h35m connection, and I see a few dates in late January with 4 J seats available on united.com. Another option is EVA Air LAX-TPE-SIN (couldn't get back from USM with 1 stop though)...I only see 4 J seats available on the LAX-TPE day flight though, so that would require an overnight connection in Taipei. If you could get one of the overnights, you might find a nice routing.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2017
  3. HSK

    HSK Level 2 Member

    thanks for that. i hadn't thought about eva air...
    i do have specific dates. flying out of LAX-SIN on 1/24, SIN-USM on 1/31 and leaving USM-LAX on 2/4.
    i tried to look for cathay availability but couldn't find it...
  4. mec

    mec Silver Member

    This may not be of use to you, but it appears United is working on authorization for a direct flight to and from LAX - SIN.

    It appears to be unavailable as a saver for your dates, but I don't have the mileage explorer cards which may affect that.
  5. HSK

    HSK Level 2 Member

    yes i've seen direct flights on economy. i forgot to mention that as an option. but 18 hours in economy is just so long... haha.

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