Last chance for Marriott Business card


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I was just curious about people's thoughts about whether or not I should apply before it disappears.

Big downside is that I have the SPG Bus and SPG Lux so I'm not eligible for the sign up bonus, so it would only be to hang onto it for the yearly free anniversary night. I also have the personal Marriott card. All my cards are less than a year old, so I haven't even used an anniversary night yet, but looking over the 35k charts I think I can get some decent redemptions. On the other hand, who knows what Marriott is going to do with the peak award charts later this year. The other problem with locking myself into Marriott is that I only have gold status from SPG Lux. I have the Hilton Aspire so the higher status is a lot nicer for breakfast, etc. In the future for paid stays, all other things being equal, I'll probably choose Hilton over Marriott due to the higher status and higher return on spend that Aspire/Diamond status offer. So spend a hard pull to lock in 35k Marriott room rate every year for $95?

Thoughts? Thanks!