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Discussion in 'Welcome, and General Discussion' started by Matt, May 20, 2014.

  1. Cmonman76

    Cmonman76 Level 2 Member

    Quincy. Over on the hump. You?
  2. smittytabb

    smittytabb Moderator Staff Member

  3. DrDoctor

    DrDoctor Level 2 Member

    Hello, I'm DrDoctor - I lived in MA for almost 4 yrs and now we're moved back to Europe, but I still frequently fly transatlantic due to business. We've had to build up credit quickly to start to apply for CCs, including business CCs, but I think we've been pretty successful. We're traveling with two small kids.
  4. mlick41954

    mlick41954 Level 2 Member

    Hello all, my name is Matt. I am just starting out with this fantastic hobby and trying to learn as much as possible. I have always used credit cards responsibly and thought the whole points/miles thing was just a hassle. Until I gave it a try and the bonus points from my first Chase card paid for our flight to Disney World. Now my wife and I are all in and can't wait to see where we go next.
  5. The Ikonik One

    The Ikonik One Level 2 Member

    Awesome to be part of this community and hopefully to bring something to the table!! I'm from Denevr and have been in the hobby for about 5 years now! Always looking for more to learn and for stuff to share!!
  6. Derptrader

    Derptrader New Member

    Hi all, I moved to Seattle from Auckland, New Zealand in early 2015 and have been in the miles and points hobby since then.

    Always been on the sidelines browsing and learning, but finally decided to sign up on this forum. Looking forward to contribute my knowledge to this forum and learn from everyone here!
  7. cheztir

    cheztir Level 2 Member

    Hi everybody, been in this hobby for about a year or so now (got in right after redbird died so I'm sad I missed that). I'm situated in Tennessee, which creates it's own unique obstacles for travel but comes with some other nice perks.

    Looking forward to some interesting discussions and learning a lot!
  8. Disneydad80

    Disneydad80 New Member

    Hey everyone, my name is Ron and from Conneticut. I'm married with 3 kids (ages 7,5,2) and I love to travel especially the Orlando Area with my family!! Definitely consider myself a beginner but am interested to learn what I can and enjoy some discussions
  9. mark.goblue

    mark.goblue Level 2 Member

    Hi all - I'm Mark. I live in Lansing, MI with my wife and two dogs.

    I started in the points & miles game two years ago with a Delta Gold 50K/1k offer and have been digging deeper and deeper ever since. This hobby has allowed my wife and I to take trips we couldn't have otherwise and I'm forever grateful to the folks who have paved the way.

    I've focused mostly on hitting sign-up bonuses and trying to maximize points for award travel, but I'd like to shift focus to MS, growing my existing point balances and bank account bonuses. I stumbled upon Saverocity and am looking forward to learning and contributing to this community.
  10. mhartman09

    mhartman09 New Member

    Hi all! My name is Michelle. I'm fairly new to the points/miles game. I'm a saver by nature using other methods to save on things in our daily lives, but only just learned of all the possibilities using credit card and bank account bonuses. I've had some cash back cards for a while now, but I got my very first points card, the Chase Sapphire Reserve, in January and just met minimum spend. Looking forward to seeing my 100K bonus post very soon. Got the hubs on-board this month and he was approved for the CSR as well. On our way to another 100K bonus. I'm excited to really begin our travel journey and learning as much as I can to maximize our savings and returns on available opportunities.
  11. mactrader

    mactrader Level 2 Member

    Hello! I have 3 children and a wife that I like to find the cheapest/free-est way to travel and entertain them. Been in the hobby for a few years now and after taking a year off following the Redbird crash am back into it and ramping up my activity again. Somewhere around ~$15K in MS a month and looking to expand even further!
  12. dereck062

    dereck062 Level 2 Member

    Hi all, my name is Dereck. I live in suburban NYC aka. MS Wasteland. No Walmart; no Kroger. But I do have a couple hidden tricks still alive. I also have Blue/Red Birds alive and Serve alive. Talking about fly under the rader! I stumped up r/churning 1 day late 2014 and never looked back. For the last 3 years, I've been HI, MX twice, Japan, FR/UK, Barbados and Bermuda. I love the feeling of having a million miles in awardwallet and able to fly to anywhere in the World. Travel is about perspectives, I def. gained a lot perspectives in the last fews years. I stuck on 1 CC for the 10 yrs prior to discover r/churing, that card is 1 of a kind. (another thread another day). I would not consider myself a noob, I lived through all those US Mint, VR, & ATT&MCI switching days, just wasn't wise enough to act on it. Now a little bit older and hopefully a little wiser, I'm hoping to gain more knowledge through this forum.
  13. Mancolt

    Mancolt Level 2 Member

    Hi all, my name is Colt. I live in Pittsburgh, PA (not an MS wasteland, thankfully). I actually just started MSing within the last month. I stumbled upon MS after thinking the CSR promo bonus was an unusually good offer. That thought led me to read more about it, and I learned that 100k Ultimate Rewards is indeed a rare and good offer. So that led to me opening a new credit card, and then after wondering how I'd meet the minimum spend, I fortunately came across MS. In the last 2 months I've been reading a lot on blogs and flyertalk and trying to absorb as much as I could. After about a month of reading, I decided it was time to use my new card. I've done some very simple MS so far. And I've been fortunate that I haven't run into any issues, despite using several different locations already.

    I've always been interested in maximizing the value of something. Cashback portals, rewards, discounts...Any opportunity to leverage a system/offer/idea to benefit me or others, and you can count me in. So I'm obviously interested in MS, but also would like to do some churning. If I think a little more about what led me here, I'd attribute much of it to the fact that I finally feel like I've got my personal finances in order. I still need to review the rules of this site, so I don't want to violate anything in my 2nd post, but I found a budgeting tool that has been an absolute game changer for me. With the help of that, I now feel comfortable enough to handle multiple credit cards, MS, and other things that could get out of control if you're not actively tracking/managing them.

    Looking forward to learning from all of you, and contributing on the subjects that I'm more familiar with!
  14. Raymond Schreiber

    Raymond Schreiber SFO traveller

    Excited to join the forum here. Avid world traveler, been at the MS game for ~ 5yrs now. Been to a number of TravelCons over the years and met a bunch of nice people. Looking forward to learning more from everyone.
  15. Sean1234

    Sean1234 Level 2 Member

    Hi, Matt and Saverocity community,

    My name is Sean. Been in the points in the miles game for about 2 years but haven't been part of any community. Excited to contribute and continue to learn. And shout out to Matt for the great work with this forum!
  16. dwpinkston

    dwpinkston New Member

    Hi Matt! I'm Dave and new to MS. Looking forward to reading your forum to get smart before leaping in. Can't wait to get to level 2!
  17. Ven

    Ven New Member

    Hello everyone, this is Ven and newbie to this community. Still trying to understand how this forum works. Thank you.
  18. Ian

    Ian Level 2 Member

    Hi, my name is Ian. not new to MS, but new to this forum. Looking to share and get more MS tactics.
  19. Genyoung

    Genyoung New Member

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Genevieve from Northern California. I've gotten into travel hacking the past 6 months and became addicted after getting the CSR a couple months ago after wanting to travel more/stay in nicer places. I've always been interested in tricks for getting the most value and can't wait to dive deeper into this.
  20. Josh000

    Josh000 New Member

    Greetings all. Jose here from central tx. Late to this game after yrs of spending tens of thousands of $ annually on travel - like a sucker. Wife and I just Completed our first month of playing, earning 100s of thousands in points and sw companion pass using the basics. Eyes openened and anxious to level up and learn just how much I dont know.

    Related background/interests - trading (volatility,seasonality), RE investing, monitizing airbnb rental properties, software businesses, poker.

    Better late than never.
  21. Paola Zottolo

    Paola Zottolo New Member

    Hi everyone, I am Paola, I am originally from Argentina but have lived in the US for about 20 years. I love to travel, and so does my husband, and we are instilling the love for travel to our children.
    We have been to a lot of places but there are quite a few more we would like to go (going to Thailand in June). I have been in the points game for some time but never had the need to do any MS. I still don't have the need but I would like to learn and I also would like to learn about any hacks that people know about to be able to travel more.
    I started with frugality through couponing, which I still do and helps me save a ton of money, which in turn I use to be able to travel more. My personal reason to play the points game is to be able to travel more with the same money that we would spend anyway, and not so much to travel in luxury, if that makes sense.
    We currently live in Florida (3 hours away from Miami and Orlando), and we have lived in Michigan for almost 15 years.

    Looking forward to sharing with a lot of you!

  22. Paola Zottolo

    Paola Zottolo New Member

    Jose, no need to cry over spilled milk... At least you got started and are doing better now. If it's any consolation, I missed on getting the SW companion pass when it was easier but, oh well, just moving forward.
  23. MaryH

    MaryH New Member

    Hi All,

    I'm Mary and I live in Colorado. I'm new to the miles and points game. I love to travel with my family of 4 (2 teenagers), and am really looking forward to learning the game, enjoying the rewards & being a part of this community.

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