Inner Circle Welcome Amenity


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Inner Circle, the highest tier of Kimpton Hotels membership offers it's guests a welcome amenity. If you have worked hard to gain this status take a moment to log into your account and select what you would like in your room on arrival.

They don't guarantee brands, but will do their best to accommodate you. I did a little reading around and saw that most people elect for wine and cheese. I have seen people getting other things, including some hard liquor. For my options I suggested Red Wine or Craft Beer, cheese, and popcorn (just had some Awesome Popcorn Indiana with sea salt and chocolate that I wouldn't mind seeing in the room!)

I also saw some non boozie things, for people with special interests they had one person get things like a Yoga mat and some bottled water....

Remember, it is not set in stone, and depends on the availability and ability to deliver. But they do try.


Hit the edit my preferences 'cog' above to edit your choice. No red arrows here, as Kimpton is too classy for that.


Anyone who is staying at Firesky should set this up in advance, and if anyone here has stayed at a Kimpton property in the past and has some more tips/advice for good ideas let us know!