INKs Public Service Announcement - Office Depot (Max?) Unadvertized Deal - Get Paid to Earn 2k UR

Just went to Staples to get my free $200 VGC and 1k UR. Lady was nice and let me hit it twice.

Disappointed they didn't have any Shell gas cards, so being low on fuel, I stopped by Office Depot on the way home...jackpot.

Buy $300 in the Visa "Grocery, Movies, Resturants, two others I don't remember" card and get an instant $15 credit.

Spent $395, got $400 at the grocery store and 2k UR. Limit one. I'll be seeing them everyday this week...


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Better yet, just buy a bunch in a single transaction. The "limit 1" isn't hardcoded. No need to point it out, just let them ring it up an act as if everything is normal.
Yup. I've done 10x $200 cards in one txn a couple of times now, and it rings up to $2,000 on the nose.

It seems like on the coasts, there is much more scrutiny whenever I'm doing any MS - from examining 'debit' cards to Staples/OMOD CSRs being trained on "only one per txn" deals. On the flipside, it seems like once you get a couple of hundred miles inland, no one cares, since the fraud is much less prevelent. I moved to a little town in the Carolinas recently and in 9 months of running through around a cumulative 50k in MOs, not once has anyone asked to see my card, even on split payments. The grocery stores around here are happy to let me do multiple MOs at once, whereas in midtown Atlanta I was lucky to be able to get one $499 MO.

Sorry for the offtopic rant. Back on topic - from what I understand the Visa Grocery Anywhere cards should work to purchase MOs are pretty much all grocery stores, and also WalMarts. YMMV.