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Thanks. But really, what a mess.

I pointed out to the manager that all this could have been avoided, if, when the system finds two accounts listed to the same name, it shoots a canned email to the address on file for both accounts.

She told me that their system didn't have that "enhancement". Which begs the question, WHY? When the specs were given to the programmers who set up the "freeze the newest account" routine in the software, why DIDN'T they think to notify the customer?

I've been thinking about whether I even used that old membership. It took me to today to remember that, when I worked for a DME company, doing trainings for case managers, the first year, my coworker and I stayed almost exclusively in Holiday Inn Expresses. I guess that's where the 24,199 came from, huh? That would have been in the year 2000.