Tequila, Miles and Suites
I am sure most of you are aware of the BRG program at IHG. If not, it basically is a program to get you to buy at their site. In order to convince you that they have the best deal, they promise you the first night free if you find a better deal.

I booked a suite at the IC De La Ville Hotel in Rome for roughly $4,000. I found a better deal. (actually I found the better deal first and then booked the IC) and submitted my claim,. My claim was approved within 24 hours.

However, today I received an email stating that they were unable to change my rate from $4,000 to $0. I heard that that had happened before at that particular property. Basically what is happening is that the hotel is unwilling to reduce the rate, so I will have to pay the full amount upon check out, but IHG corporate will send me a check for the full amount after 5-6 weeks. That brings good and bad. Good is I am earning IHG points and Amex points, the bad is I have to float $4,000 for 5-6 weeks.

Just keep that possibility in mind if you are doing expensive BRGs


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Ouch- I hope you have that refund promise signed in blood!

Still, that's a pretty sweet suite...


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They are good on their word, however. I have received a check within a few weeks after completion of my stay. Basically, the properties are individually owned and apparently they can refuse to honor the BPG, but in that case, IHG will take the tab and reimburse you.

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I've had that happen to me before (#300+ room in NYC). It worked out in the end... Sometimes you'll even still earn points too although YMMV