Idea to secure your bags - rental car, hotel room

So a few months ago, my brother and I hit the jackpot - a brand new F150 in the full size car lane at Alamo in San Fran. F150 is my daily driver and love it. Only problem is our golf bags and backpacks had to stay in the back of the cab (not the bed, that just wouldn't be secure).

Unfortunately, no tinted windows resulted in a smash and grab at breakfast one morning.

Fortunately, all they got was one backpack with my brother's dirty whites. My backpack and our golf bags were intertwined together and couldn't be easily extracted.

So the lesson learned for us was to buy several cable locks (linked below, no commission) and take them everywhere. I keep one in my golf bag, one in my suitcases, and have one in each of my vehicles at home. Anytime I've got a bag of any kind in there - overnight trip or just weekend round of golf, I lock that bad boy down - either to the seat frame or the trunk hinge. I'll also lock everything together in a hotel room on occasion.

Sure the cable can be cut and the lock is weak, but it'll prevent the low life smash and grab junkie from getting anything of value. Make it hard on 'em...


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Thanks for sharing. We are planning a Costa Rica visit next summer and with a long drive from the airport to La Fortuna with young kids, bathroom breaks will be in order. Not that Costa Rica is a crime ridden country, but the general warnings are keep valuables out of sight. This lock will give some extra piece of mind.


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You have a great idea, @AvidPointsPlayer.

We have a LocTote that we bring with us when we have to travel with gobs of cash or if we are heading to the beach to swim. This knapsack can be locked to a pole and can't be slashed or cut off. It's pricey but we have figured it's a purchase that will last decade