Hyatt Carmel Highlands - my favorite hotel stay ever


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What makes a particularly memorable hotel stay? Everything has to be right: the location, the mood, the ambiance, the service, the room, the view... This place had it all. A little light on the service but excellent on all other aspects, with incomparable upgrade generosity, location, and view. If ever I were to be locked in a hotel room for the rest of my life, I would want room 105 here (if, instead, I could walk around the property, then I would pick Hilton Bora Bora Nui).

Carmel is a paradise for me. This hotel is situated across the street from the Pacific Ocean of Big Sur with pretty much the best view imaginable to mankind, and they gave me what might be the suite with the best view onsite - 2nd time in a row (same treatment a few years ago). I was but a lowly Platinum both times. I am extremely grateful for their generosity that especially allowed my mom a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which she still raves about.

I'll let the view speak for itself:

As you can see, I had unobstructed panoramic views of the absolutely gorgeous Big Sur coast from my rooms. Even indulging in an act of banality such as using the toilet does not let the view out of your sight - notice the big windows in the bathroom. Is there a greater pleasure in life than being with your loved one, listening to the gentle piano of Yiruma, while enjoying this kind of view from your comfortable lodge (that you got for free from a CC bonus)?

As good as the hotel is, the destination plays a big part in the trip experience. Luckily this is also my favorite area in the country, and this visit reminded me why. From hiking the incomprehensibly stunning Los Lobos State Reserve (5min drive from hotel) to the equally incomparably charming downtown Carmel (15min drive from hotel), I truly wished time would stop so I could freeze these moments of joy.

Even if I only get a normal room next time, I can't imagine a better use of a free night from Hyatt CC, if you're a lover of nature (and pampering).

Visited September 2015.

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I love Big Sur, I love the Carmel/Monterey area, and I am so happy that Hyatt runs the Carmel Highlands. We had the good fortune to have suite 102 two stays ago. A more recent stay was in April 2016. The path that leads to suites 102 and 105 was torn up to make the hotel handicapped accessible. Thus, both of these special suites were closed. I hope that I get one of them on another trip as it really is a special experience.


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I am so happy that Hyatt runs the Carmel Highlands.
Yep. One of the most unique experiences possible on points.

I need to spend more time south of Carmel. It's been 10 years since I drove from LA to SF on Hwy1. Next time I will slow down to enjoy the places in between.