How to find How many credit cards on file


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Many card issuers have restriction these days like 5/24 etc etc. I would like to know how many cards on credit agencies file before applying. I use credit karma not sure if it gives you a true picture. Is there any other resource where people are getting their information? credit karma doesn't provide the info in chronological order.

Bank of America, Wells Fargo business application was declined for too many inquiries.


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Experian has a phone app that I've used:

Note that the app has changed from the original instructions. So make sure to read the comments in that post. I saved the following in my notes on how to use the (Android) app:

New instructions with Android. If you’re at the top of the “Accounts” page, you’ll see a purple eyeball on the bottom right corner. Touch that. That’s the “views” button. You won’t see that button unless you’re at the very top of the list if your accounts.

So: Tap the 3 horizontal bars on top of the page

Select Credit Reports

Tap Accounts

Tap the purple eye at the bottom of the page

Select "Date opened (new to old)"

Now the list is sorted for you!


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Creditkarma does have a way to get a date sort on OPEN accounts.

Tap on your numeric credit score, then view details under credit age. This gives the list, oldest first.

Downside is this misses cards that are now clsed but opened less than 2 years back.