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Hilton Insanity

Discussion in 'Hilton' started by Hanoi IG, May 19, 2017.

  1. Hanoi IG

    Hanoi IG Level 2 Member

    OK, I booked an award for Conrad Maldives back in March using 190,000 points for two nights when the rate was $900/night. The booking appeared on the website and the app.

    The other day I was checking my Hilton bookings and the Maldives reservation no longer appeared! I checked my confirmation email and entered the confirmation # so found it. This time it was charging me $2241$(!) PLUS the 190,000 points.

    When I went to chat help they told me the booking did not appear because it was in my wife's name. This was strange because she had no Hilton account at the time, only opening one in April when she got the Surpass
    AX card!

    It took me half a dozen chats, emails and phone calls before I was finally able to resolve the matter. Their emails kept saying what I had to do to book points+miles or telling me that rates change all the time.

    WTF? I had already booked this on March 2 and it was points! today I could book the same room for 95,000/night or $611 non-refundable. Who knows what will happen between now and the time I show up? I guess other chains are just as bad but geez!
  2. ukinny2000

    ukinny2000 Level 2 Member

    I had a similar problem with a couple of reservations after the switch over earlier this year, but a couple of calls fixed it all up
  3. DealsATX.com

    DealsATX.com www.dealsatx.com

    Yep, had a similar issue. You just have to keep on calling.

  4. Craig

    Craig Level 2 Member

    Had the same issue at a domestic Hampton Inn. The local manager was furious because I was the 6th person this happened to at his hotel over a month. It didn't help when I called corporate Hilton and they blamed his employees for not doing their job correctly.

    Ended up refunded a week later and they gave me 10k Hilton points for the trouble.
  5. DealsATX.com

    DealsATX.com www.dealsatx.com

    Hampton Inn is the best. Not condoning it but people take advantage of their extremely liberal refund policy and basically stay for free.

  6. Craig

    Craig Level 2 Member

    What method are you eluding to?
  7. projectx

    projectx Level 2 Member

    Can open... worms everywhere! (and yes, I also would like to know what these worms have to say)
  8. notalent

    notalent Michael Bolton

    I too would like to know

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