Hilton Honors vs. Hotels.com - Both Possible?


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Read this article about hacking Hotels.com rewards program...they claim that sometimes you can get a front desk person to add points to your hotel chain loyalty account even after you booked at Hotels.com and got your stamps.

Anyone tried this at a Hilton property before to get the Honors points? If not, any idea which chains are more amenable to this? Would be pretty cool to double dip.

Josh F

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Historically, I have been able to do this. Way back when - hotel chains did extend their benefits on third party bookings. Sometimes when they tied in your account (e.g. Hilton) I did earn points and more often I did not (I never found a pattern). I don't think any chains officially extend benefits on third party bookings anymore - although you can ask, of course, but don't expect any success.