Hawaii Car Rentals


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There's nothing on here about car rentals on any of the Hawaiian islands. I'd love to hear what people's best methods for car rentals are in the 50th state.

I'll get the ball rolling: Living in Oahu, I often find myself renting bigger cars here when a lot of visitors are in town or whenever we are traveling to neighbor islands and I've found two sites that typically have had better rates that Costco and other popular car rental methods people talk about. The two sites are:


As with all things, YMMV, but for my particular needs, I have found these to be the best. I'd love to hear other people's experiences and tips

Just tried Sam's Club Travel and it was $20-$30 cheaper than either of these sites for 2 of 3 upcoming trips to neighbor islands: OGG, LIH and LNY
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I have used capital one and costco rentals successfully. I got a 4 day rental in Maui for $65 with capital one.. it is prepaid but cancellable.


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When I was in Kauai for 8 days this May, Costco was by far the cheapest. I think it all boils down to timing, type of car, and the length of the rental.


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Good point about all the variables involved. It is definitely helpful to hear everyone's data points from their own experiences with all the various methods out there so that we test them all out for own trips. Also helps for those who weren't familiar with any of these previously.


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Another big thumbs up for discounthawaiicarrental.com. You're not locked in, we got 2nd driver free as well as rates lower than Costco. Book with them and keep checking to see if you have a better deal elsewhere. If so, cancel with no charge.


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I usually have a confirmed reservation and then play the Priceline bidding game until the day prior to travel so I can cancel the confirmed reservation if I beat the rate.


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Wife and I stayed in Maui and if memory serves me correctly its a Hertz rental on Maui airport. Took us forever to get served as the line was moving super slow. Rental was in our vk package but it was more then reasonable compared to what it was at the desk. I was glad that was taken care of before but you had three options the cheap car was a convertible mustang or you can upgrade to a Jeep Wrangler or a Volvo convertible. The choice was clear for me a Ford Mustang convertible!! Customer service was good but they just chat it up and take forever. Hawaii also quite expensive.


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I recently priced cars for spring break in Maui and the best price I got for a Mustang convertible was through the Chase Ultimate Rewards mall.


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We rented a van to carry our windsurf gear for the month of June. It worked perfectly and we'll rent from Manaloha in the future. We have rented from another outfit in the past, and their vans were more expensive, had AC problems, and were roach infested. We had none of those problems at Manaloha.


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Hi Patricia

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