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Grand Canyon lodging

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by ChrisM, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. ChrisM

    ChrisM New Member

    Hey if anyone has any insight into nice places to stay for a 3-4 day trip to the Grand Canyon in November I'd really appreciate it. I was able to find a new place that offers "glamping" as an option but they couldn't give a firm opening date so I want to have some backup plans. My wife and I would like something on the more luxurious side, but will gladly settle for clean with a good location and reputation. Thanks so much!
  2. TyroneSchulase

    TyroneSchulase New Member

    North Rim or South? We recently did the north, and combined it with Zion. Absolutely amazing Holiday Inn Express in Springdale, UT. With IHG signup bonus, wound up costing us $10/night (MS) nestled under the canyon walls. Couldn't ask for better scenery. Springdale itself was totally amazing; organic, vegetarian in the wilderness, but quite a drive to the North Rim. We enjoyed Zion even more. Like driving onto another planet...
  3. heavenlyjane

    heavenlyjane Level 2 Member

    I'll tuck this top away for the future. Thanks.
  4. ChrisM

    ChrisM New Member

    This is awesome, thanks so much for the tip! Exactly what I was looking for. Did you fly into Vegas?

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