Google Express Gravy Train


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For those of you who don't know, Google Express has a free 3-month membership wherein you get free shipping for orders placed over $15. These orders are shipped from stores in your area - Whole Foods, Walgreens etc.

You can usually buy Groupons for cheap credit to be used on GE, but the best part is, with every order they send you a promo code for $15 credit. So far I have netted close to $150 in free stuff by ordering from GE. The stuff ships within a day and each time I receive an order, I place a new one immediately, for around $15. It's a gift that keeps on giving. Maybe some of you can make use of this deal.


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They're sending out lots of fliers in Louisville, KY. I've done about five orders and have had about six $15 coupons come back. Plus I ordered some glasses that broke before arrival and received a coupon or two with the broken glasses and a coupon with the replacemens.