FTU advanced ticket transfer


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Hi , unfortunately i am unable to attend the advanced ftu so uf anyone intrested please message me will initiate the transfer process


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This ticket is a free giveway from Vasu, the new owner would need to pay the transfer fee of $25. As a reminder FTU starts on 7.18-7.20 in Chicago.

Leave a comment below if you can use the ticket.


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hi healther , these are the ticket transfer instructions posted by FTU
Ticket Transfer Instructions
As always, tickets are non-refundable but may be transferred. Tickets are transferable for free until a month before the event. After June 18th, there's a transfer fee of $25 USD.

If you sell your ticket to someone, please follow this procedures:
1) Contact Melinda (via email ONLY, no PMs accepted) at melinda@ftef.net
2) Include the following information:
  • The full name exactly like it's posted on your ticket is registered under and the long ticket ID # found on the ticket.
  • The full name of the person taking over your ticket.
  • Send the ticket PDF to the person you have sold it to. This needs to be presented at check in.
3) If the transfer take place after June 18, 2014, Melinda will provide you with instructions for payment of the transfer fee. The ticket will not be transferred until the fee is paid.

so please transfer 25$ to my paypal account , let me mail melinda in the mean time for payment of the transfer fee and i will Private message u the paypal emial .