FT4RL2 - Charlotte 7 Mar 15 - Transportation Coordination


FT4RL2, being held in Charlotte on Saturday 7 March 2015 is fast approaching. I thought I'd start a thread for ridesharing or other transportation coordination for anyone interested.

I'll start: I'm arriving at 5pm into CLT (and will have my wife with me), right now I'm planning on cabbing it to the hotel, happy to share the cab with others.

Tom Capone

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My plane lands at 3:30pm. I thought I heard about an airport/hotel shuttle???
Yes, there's a city bus from the airport to downtown for $2. I took it last year for the Saverocity DO. Not the most glamorous form of transportation, but it worked. When you come out of the terminals it is all the way to the right.


Mmmm.... yeah....
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Yep, the bus is just fine and a lot cheaper than the cab, and the bus station is a block or two from the hotel.


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We have both Uber and Lyft here in CLT and yes, the bus station/transportation center is near the hotel - I've never ridden that route...
A taxi from the airport to uptown would be ~$25
Let me know any CLT specific questions and I'll see if I can help.