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Free night cert in Chicago

Discussion in 'Hyatt' started by El Ingeniero, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. El Ingeniero

    El Ingeniero Level 2 Member

    Between the wife and I we have 2 we need to use soon. We have a 1 year old boy.

    Options are the Hyatt Regency on the river front, or Hyatt Place North.

    Regency is somewhat more central, and I might be able to pay points for club access, which would be nice. Downside is we might get a tired room.

    Hyatt Place looks like it has nicer rooms and a more substantial breakfast offering. Downside is it's a slightly longer distance to places we want to go on the waterfront, maybe an extra 10 minutes.

    Any deal breakers or deal makers between the 2?
  2. heavenlyjane

    heavenlyjane Level 2 Member

    We liked the Hyatt Regency on the river. You cannot beat the location. We weren't bothered by the 70s styling. We got a big room with a river and it kinda felt like Hotel Brady Bunch.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2018
  3. italdesign

    italdesign Level 2 Member

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