First Ever Successful BRGs


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I've got a trip to Vegas coming up at the end of the month. I've been torn on where to stay. Staying on points at many strip hotels does not avoid the $30+ resort fee. Got my first ever successful BRG at the BestWestern McCarrin Inn. Booked a 1 night stay on my account and got the BRG. Total was around $108 and got a $100 BW gift card. Made another reservation under my wifes account that is using a different address and got the 2nd night for $98 and also got $100 BW gift card. We are planning on doing hiking during the day so we aren't worried about being off the strip.

I tried finding BRGs before with no success, these were actually really easy to see. Overally pretty stoked. There is just something getting a successful BRG that is addicting.