Fairmont Le Club Accor


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Whew! After a 9 night stay at the lovely Fairmont San Francisco, I got points that were clawed back without explanation. There isn't an easy way to inquire but, luckily, I have a small acquaintance with someone high up in Le Club. That person checked and told me that it was a system glitch that was being remedied.

After several more attempts at a lower level, I used Twitter and got a fast response, including a promise that the points were credited and would show up in a couple of days. They actually did appear immediately so that's a wrap. Of course I was without them for 6 weeks but won't hold my breath about getting a present for my trouble.

OK, I checked out of Sofitel New York on Tuesday around 2:00. Why did those points post the next morning? Shouldn't most points/miles post rather quickly? SQ for one is practically instantaneous.