End of the Trail?

My wife and I have about 30 some active cards. We have gotten some good bonuses, like the 100K for AMEX Platinum and Chase Sapphire Reserve, 60K each for Delta, 60K twice for two different AA cards and a few others.

We don't have a ton of non-travel spend that we can put on cards and how many years in advance do we want to pay our cable bill. Another thing, I guess we should get rid of cable, but that's another story.

We will occasionally need things like a new gas grill or mattress that are pricey enough to earn a bonus, but has that boat sailed for us now? We are still a few months before we are free of 5/24 from Chase so is it even worth looking? We don't have a Marriott/SPG or a Hyatt and I guess there are still a few airlines we could sign up for.

We may also be at an age where we should taper off. Our "bank" includes over 500K Chase URs and the same of LifeMiles, plus the odd balances in other airline accounts. It was so exciting to get big free miles just for buying things we were already buying but now I can't even find anything.


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In your situation, there doesn't seem to be much point in collecting more points. You need to start dreaming about how to use all the points you have. If you don't want to travel anymore, gift the points to a loved one.
Oh, we travel pretty much all the time. It's just that I came late to the "hobby" and it ended almost before it began. We got every card for which we applied and now "Is that all there is?"

Now have to see which cards to keep and which to cancel. It's easy to use points if we find availability for First or Business.

Actually hardly ever use for hotel as Accor is our go-to brand and the points are for cash so I use them every year as soon as I get status.

Maybe next "game" can be for airline status. We were once Star Alliance Gold which was super when we flew Economy with preferred checkin and baggage allowance and lounges


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My wife and I have about 30 some active cards.

We may also be at an age where we should taper off.
One way to start tapering off would be to cancel some of those active cards and make sure you're not unnecessarily paying annual fees. Also enables you to more easily concentrate spending on certain card(s).