Double PQM for purchase upgrade at check-in


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I was travelling to New Orleans from LAX over new years weekend with my wife. Check-in for the outbound we split the PNR to be added to the upgrade list (and of course did not clear). On the return i got notified the day before the flight of CPU but my wife (who was no longer on my PNR) did not get upgraded. At check-in I had the oppurtunity to pay $99 for her to sit up front with me which was a no brainer since she can be a nervous flyer.
I noticed on our ticketing records that i had been changed to fare class RN (non-GS upgrade bin) and she had been changed to P (discount biz). Sure enough when i checked after the miles had been posted, her account received double PQM and 1.5 PQS for the flight (although the $99 did not add to her PQD!). I joked with her that i wished she could've taken the CPU and given me the paid upgrade so i could get the extra elite miles :)
Anyone else had similar experience? This certainly seems cheaper (was something in the 5-6cpm) than buying the accelerator PQM offered (generally 10-12cpm at best, let's call the RDM and the First class seat a wash for the sake of argument)


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Wow..great to know.

Another "opportunity" as the result of SHARES (UA's punch-card operating system).