Don't forget smaller airports when looking for space


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The AA devaluation is nigh. I've been trying to lock in a return trip from the UK, but finding three seats in Business is never easy. Last night I searched the following:

  • TXL (Berlin) for Air Berlin - nothing but BA and one day with Finnair
  • LHR - hey.. why not.. and I've actually stumbled on 3x J seats on AA in the past here, but only BA.
  • HEL - Finnair space showed up, but vanished when I clicked on it.. every time...
  • MAD - looking for Iberia, nothing but BA via London
  • DUB- BA via London
Eventually I found that CDG had 3 seats on AA but the plane looked odd, like it was a Domestic US plane, and had a F cabin with recliners. I held the seats because it was all we had, and then decided to check the smaller airports....

When flying from the UK it is worth looking at other locations, such as:

  • Edinburgh
  • Bristol
  • Newcastle
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
I struck gold on the last one, finding wide open AA J seats, just at the same time that @NEPIC one of our amazing Award Bookers mentioned it too. Manchester looks great, a nice looking plane, front row seats, non stop. Price wise, the difference is substantial for a family of 3:

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 2.00.13 PM.png

Compare that with British Airways Business Class

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 2.04.45 PM.png

That's a $690 difference, and the product looks solid, with lie flat beds.
We're in Row 2 A, D,G so that there is plenty of room for Dylan to frolic in the nose of the plane.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 2.13.26 PM.png

So if you are looking to burn up some last AAdvantage Miles before D-Day.. don't forget the smaller airports :)


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False-positive Finnair space has been showing up on AA for a while now unfortunately. BA seems to be accurate at least.


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I really appreciate the feature on Google Flights that lets you expand the search to specific other options. In larger citites with multiple airports, can help when finding airports with specific lounges worth checking out.