Diamonde the Giraffe appears with Delta SkyMiles and Lyft



Last summer, Diamonde the Giraffe flew to United Arab Emirates and visited the Grand Hyatt Dubai. Who knew that she’d be getting involved with Delta SkyMiles and Lyft?

Diamonde at the Grand Hyatt Dubai

But, unfortunately, to get there, poor Diamonde had to fly in the baggage hold:

Diamonde at the airport

Enter: Delta SkyMiles and Lyft

Apparently Diamonde continues to get around, as she makes a pretty impressive cameo in the new Delta Airlines and Lyft commercial:

The program allows you to link your Delta SkyMiles and Lyft accounts. You’ll earn Delta SkyMiles on your Lyft rides now when you link the two accounts.

Initially, you’ll get triple miles on round trip ground (Lyft) transport to the airports. But its not clear how long that will last.

I suppose we should’ve kept better tabs on Diamonde at that computer….

A quick check of e-mail before heading downstairs.

H/T: Tracy

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