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Dental clinic billed me after an year; insurance won't pay

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area- Community Forum' started by LearnMS, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. LearnMS

    LearnMS Level 2 Member

    Hi all -

    Early january, I got a mail saying I have an unpaid bill that I need to take care of. When I looked at the dates, it is for Nov 2015. The bill was processed in January 2017 and insurance won't cover it because it's outside the 6 -month window.

    All these years, the dental office submitted all the bills to my insurance company. Maybe this was a miss from them, but it's coming to > $250.

    I can pick up the phone and sought this out with my dentist. But I also know they won't budge and put the responsibility back on me. Or, they may ask me to pay a part of it. I don't want this to go to collections, if I don't want to pay.

    What options do I have to tackle this issue? Has anyone ran into similar experiences?

  2. lochquel

    lochquel Level 2 Member

    Call up the dental clinic. Maybe the dates are wrong? One year+ to wait for a bill is ridiculous and is clearly on them. If they give you the run around, which I imagine they will, ask to see all your bills and reimbursements to your account. If they stall or procrastinate, I'd trot out a small claims course of action. May be time to look into new dentist as everyone always wants to see their money before the ink dries. Something is off here.
  3. LearnMS

    LearnMS Level 2 Member

    The doctor himself is OK, but the receptionist might have messed up sending this bill. The dates were correct though...I am surprised they forgot and billed me to a point that the insurance won't apply.

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