CSR Trip Insurance, booking flights with MPE


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As I understand it, you must use your United card to get the free checked bag benefit (reward or paid flights). That's all fine, but for an upcoming trip I will be using my CSR to book everything else.

What happens if my flight gets delayed/cancelled, or something else happens? Will we be SOL for all of our paid hotels and tours? Or will Chase honor the trip insurance?

Josh F

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My understanding is that it's the card you use to book the flights that matter. Based on my understanding you'd fall under whatever protections the United Card has.

Here's some information for the United Explorer: https://www.chase.com/personal/credit-cards/united/united-explorer-card/travel-protection (assuming this is the card you're referring to).

Here's the link to the CSR Benefits: https://www.chasebenefits.com/sapphirereserve (I don't think they'd apply though)

If you want clarification you can always call the Travel Provider # too.