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Discussion in 'Investments and Savings' started by thehustla, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. thehustla

    thehustla Level 2 Member

    Anyone investing in cryptocurrency here?
  2. GRiZ

    GRiZ Level 2 Member

    I keep wanting to get in but it feels too dangerous... there was someone on FT who had a whole thing going re: MS but I'm just too risk averse to consider it. I had like $100 of btc back in the day but dropped it before it went anywhere.

    Back when it first started I was trying to figure out how to mine with my rinky dinky laptop but eventually gave up because it was too complicated, boy do I feel like an idiot. Still knowing my luck, I'd probably end up like that dude who threw his HDD with his private keys in the trash.
  3. thehustla

    thehustla Level 2 Member

    I think we are all kicking ourselves for not investing in BTC in the early days.
    I just started looking at the currency but wanted to get some input from other members here like what platform they use, long term - short term holding, advice, etc..
  4. El Ingeniero

    El Ingeniero Level 2 Member

    The whole thing feels so South Seas to me...
  5. GRiZ

    GRiZ Level 2 Member

    I know but I was like so close, most people hadn't even heard of BTC at that point (I think I literally StumbledUpon it), and here I was ahead of the curve and yet ended up holding air because I didn't wanna spend the extra 2-3 hours figuring out how to set up the mining thing.
  6. Mcflyer

    Mcflyer Level 2 Member

    I feel like these moments will happen regardless. I facepalm when BTC went down to ~$3000 after the whole China ban a couple weeks ago. It's near double now, and surpassed it's highest point ever prior. But coming down from 4.7k to 3k is scary. Happened in days.
  7. JuanG

    JuanG New Member

    According to Bitcoin Price Index, the number one cryptocurrency fell below $7,000 at 11:25 UTC this morning and hit an eight-day low of $6,793. A minor bid wave seen during the Asian session today quickly ran out of steam above $7,300.
  8. GRiZ

    GRiZ Level 2 Member

    Hit a low of $5513 today now it's trading around $6000.

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