Credit Card Fraud Attempts


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My Mastercard credit card was compromised with 2 attempted charges, both occurring at physical stores, not online. I'm in Florida, and the first one was for $4.00 and change at a store in Massachusetts. The second at a Duane Reade in NYC - for $504.95 - so apparently a GC attempted purchase. Both were declined, and my Mastercard now shut down.

Not the first time this has happened and not blaming Mastercard, of course, as these fraudulent attempts are so common among all CC companies.

But I'm curious to know what, if anything, do you do to protect your CCs? Does any method actually work to lessen what a PITA it is when your CC has to be shut down for attempted fraud?
set alerts for all of your cards to $0.01 or $1, whichever is lowest, so that you can catch these fraud attempts immediately. have multiple credit cards so that, if one or a few are compromised, you can continue without being cardless. avoiding the PITA factor isn't likely to happen until the US requires chip+pin at all payment terminals. it's easier to spend this way, supposedly, but it's also more fraud.


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I do what @subaduba14 does. I get an email for every single use of my cards. I had a situation a year ago, where I contacted the CC company while the thief was still in the store.