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Chase Insight Community?

Discussion in 'Chase Ultimate Rewards' started by JivyIvy, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. JivyIvy

    JivyIvy Level 2 Member

    Has anyone else been approved for this new market research partnership with IPSOS & Chase, and what do you think about sharing personal info related to financial products and portfolios, spending habits, employment & income, etc. with research firms employed by banks and financial institutions in our respective hobby? Would you be hesitant?

    I have no idea what sort of feedback I will be providing btw; I'm just basing the above on the initial eligibility survey.

    I just hope they don't expect us to participate without compensation...
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2017
  2. JivyIvy

    JivyIvy Level 2 Member

    Meh, just checked out the forum and they expect you to take 15 min. surveys for eligibility to win $100 eGift cards in monthly lotto style drawings... no thanks.

    ENOTTY New Member

    I also got this email but based on your report, seems like I should skip it. Thanks!
  4. JivyIvy

    JivyIvy Level 2 Member

    I can post a screenshot later today of what it looks like. It's basically a forum like this one with a lot of b.s. employee of the month looking pinups of "lucky" egift card winners who've likely wasted countless hours filling out market research surveys for essentially nothing.

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