Can 2 owners of one business each get a separate Ink account?


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The IRS says a husband/wife couple can jointly own a sole proprietorship under certain basic conditions
The question is, can I apply for a Chase Ink Preferred card under the business "LastName Consulting" as a sole proprietorship using my social security number, and also have my wife apply for her own Chase Ink Preferred under the business "LastName Consulting" as a sole proprietorship under her social security number?

I'm sure whomever applies first will be approved but I'm unsure about the second one. Especially since I could see Chase flagging it for the innocent reason that they think the business owners are unaware that you can have multiple employees/AU cards off one account.


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Chase will probably just look at it as a separate business and approve it since it is a different SSN. My wife and I each have an INK under our respective names and ssn. Funny thing was I had previously been denied when applying using my LLC info because it was too new of a business at the time. Retried a short time later with just ssn's and approved. Go figure.


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There's a QJV election available for this, which is an official thing.

That said, maybe you're overthinking it? Personally I've done this in other situations, EG, for a C Corp I've opened an Ink, then my spouse has also opened an Ink as a SVP of the C Corp - so we have the same EIN but different SSN and both got a bonus. Basically the same situation, minus the topic of QJV and whether people are aware of the election or not.