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So just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience. I've been working on BRGs for an upcoming trip to vegas. I found what I thought was a valid BRG for the Venetian via The refundable rate was available to book when I made my booking, but when IHG looked the refundable rate was not available. So I went and looked again, at first it wasnt available, but then I refreshed the browser and the rate was available again. I tried with a different room category and the same thing happened. Easy to book switches between refundable and non refundable rates for almost every room category almost every time I refresh my browser. Is easytobook doing this to avoid get a BRG claim against them? It seems a little too fluid, because I minute a room type will have the refundable rate then the next minute it wont then the next minute it will be back again.

Ive been looking at the weekend of march 25th.


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Is this a case of IHG's BRG policy, which says that the stay booked on must be the lowest available rate, including non-refundable rates?