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Booking awards that require points transfer

Discussion in 'Award Booking Help' started by Hanoi IG, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Hanoi IG

    Hanoi IG Level 2 Member

    OK. Many award flights are easy to find and book. I also have the Expert Flyer Premium so can set up many alerts for alternate flights BUT....

    1) Some awards would involve transferring CC points to a particular program but what if, in the interim, the awards go away?

    2) My wife and I always travel together so may have to book on our separate accounts. What do people do? Two computers side by side and try to set up and then click quickly?

    I'm sure my situation is not unique and so far it hasn't come up as we have used LifeMiles and KrisFlyer so one stop shopping. I have a one way coming up next July and there are so many options, some of which may involve this problem.

    Thanks for any input that can be offered.
  2. bayguy

    bayguy Level 2 Member

    You need to do research on which programs are instant transfer and how much others take time. Also, you can keep AA tickets on free hold for 5 days, you need to research the specific airline hold policy.

    If you want to enjoy travel without all the hassles, you can engage "Award Booking Services" who take care of everything for you.
  3. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Edited title to relate to the question - helps people help you.
  4. Hanoi IG

    Hanoi IG Level 2 Member

    Thanks! I can never find where things go
  5. SanDiego1K

    SanDiego1K Level 2 Member

    Korean Airlines is a rare airline that will put an award on hold for a couple months, allowing points to be moved in from a variety of sources.
  6. GettingReady

    GettingReady Level 2 Member

    I love award booking services--at least for flights! Too many things to learn to maximize the points, flights, types of metal, etc. I've used nick@saverocity.com. No complaints whatsoever.
  7. Hanoi IG

    Hanoi IG Level 2 Member

    I certainly wouldn't mind paying for a serious award but the particular one I'm seeking is one way SFO-MDT which isn't expensive so paying a fee might not be cost effective. I may wind up just trying over and over on LifeMiles site or using AA since I have plenty of miles on both of those sites. Still not sure if we need Biz Class. Thinking if it's daylight could manage Economy but might need Biz if it's overnight.

    Thanks for the tip. I used alerts to at least find out when(if) space becomes available.

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