Booked a business award but one leg is in economy HELP


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Greetings. I just booked one way in business class for 2 people using AA miles. This had set me back 80k x 2+ 160k AA miles.
First leg ORD-LAX is in economy class on American Airlines,
Second leg LAX-PPT is in business class on Air Tahiti Nui.

My question how do I get my ORD-LAX leg upgraded to business if it ever becomes available?
Is this automatic upgrade to business on this leg if it opens up. I checked and the space is available in business anytime category but nothing in business saver.
Has anyone had experience with this???

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You can switch from Economy to First for no fee if Saver space becomes available. To check that, either look often or subscribe to a servce like Expert Flyer. Up to me, I wouldn't pay EF fees just to score that one leg.

Remember that there is no fee to change an AA award as long as the origination and destination remain the same. So you could, for example, go ORD to JFK to LAX in first, or fly around in some other combination if Saver space shows up. There are rules limiting this to some degree (see Maximum Permitted Miles), but you are unlikely to reach that limit with your itin.


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Pretty common. Good chance of becoming available within a week of departure. Then just call to change for free.