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Blocked at GiftCardMall

Discussion in 'Welcome, and General Discussion' started by smjd, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. smjd

    smjd Level 2 Member

    I made an account at GiftCardMall and tried to place an order back when they had 20% off AirBnB gift cards. As I've heard is typical the order didn't actually end up going through. So I never even had one successful order. I have been trying to log back in, but I get denied for security reasons.

    I've sent quite a few emails to their support with no response. Anyone have an idea how to fix this?
  2. ct22025

    ct22025 New Member

    Have you tried calling them? How large was your first order? Did you do smaller orders first, shipped to your same address? in truth, nobody knows how their algorithm works, but it's over-zealous IMHO. Maybe you can contact them and ask them to tweak your account so that you can get your first order through.
  3. mactrader

    mactrader Level 2 Member

    In my experience they will call you after your first order to verify information. Did you receive a phone call from a strange number around then? I have heard that they are quick to block if you don't respond to that initial call.
  4. Cmonman76

    Cmonman76 Level 2 Member

    If you can even log in, can you make a new account?
  5. smjd

    smjd Level 2 Member

    No missed calls, and the first order didn't even go through, so all my orders with them totaled $0. I called the number on the site, however they said they didn't deal with this. Also apparently on Deal Mommy the CS number isn't listed on the site and is: 877-426-2551 , which I'll try if creating a new acct doesn't work.

    Thanks for the tips
  6. Ian

    Ian Level 2 Member

    What I've heard works : Cleared cache cookies etc and/or try another browser
  7. Mancolt

    Mancolt Level 2 Member

    I've called the number on the site and spoken to reps 3 different times. The number is: 1-877-426-2551. If you're locked out of your account, they can help with that. Unlocking your account doesn't guarantee success with placing orders though.

    I currently believe I'm banned from GCM for trying to submit too many orders in a row (3) that were denied. It resulted in my account being locked, which I was able to get unlocked after a call to their support team. But they're pretty useless for anything else. They've told me 2 times now that they're escalating my issue to level 2 support, but that seems to go nowhere. I'm not even sure Level 2 exists...
  8. Ian

    Ian Level 2 Member

    hahaha, sad to say, Ive also heard this as well. good luck
  9. MouseStomper

    MouseStomper Level 2 Member

    This kept happening to me as well with chrome. After my first few orders I kept getting declined. Switched to firefox and have not had a single issue since. If I forget to switch browsers, I get a hold on my CC and have to wait a day to try again.
  10. esdot

    esdot New Member

    From what I understand, calling doesn't help. So many people say that they are banned by GCM and that it is impossible to understand what triggers a GCM ban, but is there a collection of data points that has tried to understand?

    I've heard people discuss, variables in actual GCM activity: First order size could be relevant but doesn't seem determinative (since some people make $1,000+ first orders and others get denied with $200 first order attempts). The same for velocity, addresses, credit cards used, etc. They all probably are relevant but take too shallow a look.

    I've recently heard people say browser/cookie/cache issues resolved their problems. Is it really that simple?

    Lots of banned people should mean lots of available data points. But I also wonder what data would be useful for the data points? I know how you connect to GCM (i.e., IP address) is relevant, since they've called me after a switch in IP address. But I'm especially curious about the bans for first-time orders. Does GCM have access to what credit cards are used for gift cards at Simon malls or Staples? Does non-GCM activity trigger GCM bans?
  11. scdc

    scdc New Member

    Luckily I've not had any problems with my own GCM account and have been maxing out the 15k/month or coming close for a while.

    Recently I decided to create an account for my gf and cannot get one order to go through successfully. I've switched up email addresses, laptops, locations, browsers, and first order amounts. Nothing works, unfortunately. I've had her call several times and of course the reps give the same response. I've not specifically tried clearing the cookies and cache although you'd think using different laptops would essentially be the same. Such a mystery you are, GCM.
  12. GettingReady

    GettingReady Level 2 Member

    I've never been able to get an order through for hubs. I might even have tried a VPN at one time. Dont remember. Haven't tried in awhile as I don't want to jeopardize my account.
  13. currid7

    currid7 Level 2 Member

    In case anyone is still having this issue: checkout as guest. You'll have to use a different email than the one you had previously, but it should work.
  14. billygoat

    billygoat Level 2 Member

    pro tip - : try the plus sign trick will work. as in: youremail+921843@gmail.com

    the mail servers always drop anything (including plus sign) until the @ sign.
  15. notalent

    notalent Michael Bolton

    Great tip, thanks!
  16. TommyTJ

    TommyTJ New Member

    You need to fill out a "large order form". Until you do this, they will decline your orders.
  17. twiga

    twiga New Member

    I have tried multiple approaches - different email, different credit card, different phone number, IP etc. None work in getting myself back in their good books. What I am doing now is laying low for the next 6 months. There has been a couple of DP that show that after 6 months, it appears the 'ban' is lifted and you can start ordering from GCM again.
  18. ashishsg

    ashishsg a$]-[u

    My orders with a US Bank c/c decline quite often, ones with other cards go through smoothly
  19. Seeme

    Seeme Level 2 Member

    VPNs definitely will trigger the auto decline, in my experience. I learned this the hard way, while trying to create some MS while deployed overseas. Raise specifically told me that the order was flagged and auto canceled due to using a VPN, but talking to CSR cleared that up and allowed me to make orders. However, calling GCM with the same issue yielded zero results.
  20. Mike843

    Mike843 New Member

    I have used VPN with success. First order was blocked twice. Thought maybe was because US bank did not authorize. Signed up for free trial of a VPN, order went through. Going to do second later this week. Will share result.
  21. Seeme

    Seeme Level 2 Member

    Just wondering, did you use the same card each time?
  22. Mike843

    Mike843 New Member

    Yes, my US Bank. I will try again later this week.
  23. Seeme

    Seeme Level 2 Member

    Where is the "large order form"? I haven't seen it on their site

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