Best lounge options - MIA, SCL and EZE?


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I have AA Exec, Priorty Pass and Centurion available on a trip including MIA, SCL and EZE. Flying Latam J so I guess I will have any of those options also.

Any recommendations?



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Centurion with a Centurion card in EZE is very nice. Plat side is average.
Thank you. I didn’t realize there was a difference. I’ve only had the opportunity to use the PHL centurion w Plat and was less than impressed given all the rave reviews for centurion lounges. Guess I’m on the wrong side of the tracks. :rolleyes:


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I know folks knock the Centurion lounge at MIA because of overcrowding but I've been there 3 times in the past year with my wife and baby in tow and never encountered an issue. Sure, it's a high traffic area but I found there to be high table turnover (maybe we got lucky?) and did not have an issue securing drinks at the bar or food.


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I think timing is everything. If you get there when the crowd isn't huge and a new meal service is being laid out life is good.