Bermuda on a budget?


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I'd appreciate any insights/recommendations regarding Bermuda, particularly on a budget. I'll be taking my 2 teenage sons, with an eye to getting out of the freezing weather in the Northwest this year, using Avios to get there, taking advantage of the "Pink Sale" held by a number of hotels on Bermuda to get half of hotel rates, now looking at recommended activities... Thanks in advance!


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That would be Arrival Plus, as in points from a Barclays Arrival Plus (or similar Capital One) card.


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I imagine a chain is opening up?

Anyways... this must be the slowest moving thread of all time! :)

Can you let us know what your budget is looking like right now for it, and we can see if there are any ideas for reducing the cost. Do you have points to use of any currency beyond the Avios (arrival/venture being the best for non chain hotels).

I'm leaning towards suggesting a cruise too... if you are open to that.. Bermuda is really pricey for food IIRC , and that is taken care of then, plus the kids would have a good time on a ship like the Breakaway.


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I have stayed at the Fairmont in Southampton and I believe the iconic Hamilton Princess is also a Fairmont property. You can currently get the new credit card for two free nights anywhere. You could get two cards (one for each). I've stayed at Elbow Beach in Paget many times as a child and the Surf Club there has changed hands multiple times. Bermuda is expensive, but you can get deals on hotels depending on the time of year. I think a cruise is a nice idea and might be more reasonable and more fun.