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Bank of America

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Credit Cards' started by Hanoi IG, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. Hanoi IG

    Hanoi IG Silver Member

    Just another reason to dislike this bank. I got an Amtrak card and made the spend right away. When I asked about when bonus would post, they said to check with Amtrak? I never heard of a card that the bank didn't control the bonuses, but maybe I'm incorrect?
  2. MS_Kid

    MS_Kid New Member

    I think you may have just gotten a misinformed agent on the phone. Also, if you just finished the spending on the brand new card, I'd wait until at least the statement posts for you to get notification of the points awarded. There's no way a BOA agent or an Amtrak agent will be ablet to tell you when exactly a bonus will post (correct me if I'm wrong).
  3. Craig

    Craig Level 2 Member

    This seems to be a self-fulfilling prophecy or projection issue now... You had one issue (granted a $4 one, but that wasn't BoAs fault, right?) that has now resulted in a number of new posts that have the same negative theme. Many, many people on this forum have and do use this bank. BoA is no different than any other bank - CSRs are often misinformed, and following terms and conditions for the products you sign up for is the only guarantee you or any of us have. What do the TOCs say about when you will receive your bonus? Follow that. If you receive them sooner than what is stated, congratulations. Easy game if you follow the rules.
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  4. smittytabb

    smittytabb Moderator Staff Member

    My points posted when the statement closed, which is pretty standard. I actually think there are plenty of things to like about BofA.
  5. Hanoi IG

    Hanoi IG Silver Member

    I've had nothing but trouble with this bank from day one on every card.
  6. Hanoi IG

    Hanoi IG Silver Member

    but where are the rules posted? It kind of was partly their fault because they somehow took me off autopay and I had to fight them to credit the fee back. Their website is difficult to navigate and doesn't show you are on autopay or not. To get on you have to go to another site can't do with two clicks like all other banks. Also they charged my card twice for a $600+ payment and it was hard to see what was going on. I thought I had enough since 600 x 2 would be over $1000. then I was abroad for 7 weeks and kept trying to get in touch with them but they never responded until bonus time was gone. I don't carry 30 cards on trips so couldn't just charge something to be certain.

    I know they can do whatever they want but then to send a generic message thanking me for loyalty and offering to do anything whenever is a bit disingenuous. Only reason I keep a card at all is it's my only old one so I thought I might need it. Who are the TOCs anyway?

    All I'm saying is when I can't figure out what my bonus is on any other card, I get a chat person who helps me in about two minutes but not this bank. You can only communicate by snail mail or phone if you are prepared to wait for 20 minutes to navigate.

    Hey, I know others will say it's the best bank. Depends on your particular situation. Could be worse. What if I didn't have the money to pay for travel?
  7. Hanoi IG

    Hanoi IG Silver Member

    I know that we all consider our own personal experiences in judging a product. If the airline with the best on time record is late for me or the best baggage handler loses mine, I say they are the worst, which isn't strictly true. Just saying, I forgot my bonus requirements on citi and in 30 seconds the chat person hooked me up. B of A doesn't even have chat or email. On a lighter note, Happy New Year to all as my homeland enters the Dark Ages.
  8. knick1959

    knick1959 Level 2 Member

    You have a very valid point here. BoA seems behind the times with regards to chat/SM support. You HAVE to call to get anything done, which IS a PITA. However, the only time I find that a call is required is when canceling a card. Everything else, for me, works repeatedly. Which fits my needs nicely and makes having to call to cancel a card a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things.

    To be fair, AMEX has similar limitations with some credit card support issues. Certainly I have never found an SM capability, although they seem always anxious to chat!
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2016
  9. ukinny2000

    ukinny2000 Level 2 Member

    It's actually right there in the Terms & Conditions when you apply:
    Bonus Points Offer. You will qualify for 20,000 bonus points if you use the World MasterCard® account to make any combination of Purchase transactions totaling at least $1,000 (exclusive of any fees, returns and adjustments) that post to your account within 90 days of the account open date. Limit 1 bonus points offer per new account. This one-time promotion is limited to new customers opening an account in response to this offer. Other advertised promotional bonus points offers can vary from this promotion and may not be substituted. Allow 8-12 weeks from qualifying for the bonus points to post to the primary cardholder's Amtrak Guest Rewards account. The value of this reward may constitute taxable income to you. You may be issued an Internal Revenue Service Form 1099 (or other appropriate form) that reflects the value of such reward. Please consult your tax advisor, as neither we, nor our affiliates, provide tax advice. The bonus points do not count toward Select, Select Plus or Select Executive status.​

    (bolding mine). All cards from all issuers will have similar language. In practice they often post sooner. The fact that it hasn't cannot be in any way construed as "trouble with this bank," irrespective of the other real troubles they may have caused you.
  10. smittytabb

    smittytabb Moderator Staff Member

    Happy New Year! So, I just would like to say that the details and grunt work required for this hobby aren't for everyone. You have to have a certain attitude to deal with miscellaneous banks, big box store employees, airline customer service, hotel peculiarities...inconveniences abound, frankly. The list is long. For me, the benefits way, way outweigh the inconveniences. I have plenty of people who I have great respect for, who would never want to do what I do to create these benefits. I get that. But I would never recommend they take this on if it made them super frustrated (which it would). So, if it is all so annoying, it just may not be your thing. If you like the benefits, consider some of these things you don't like as work and either suck it up or quit the job.
  11. Hanoi IG

    Hanoi IG Silver Member

    I agree. There are some things I am not willing to do. I won't buy gift cards for $5 off or resell anything or fly on a US based airline unless absolutely necessary.

    My wife and I just got back from a trip with free ANA First JFK-NAR- HND-JFK and free economy flights where our Star Alliance gold got us lounges and priority baggage HND-HAN, SIN-BKK, BKK-RGN HAN-HKG and HKG-KIX but we paid for our hotels except for a random airport stay where I discovered I had IHG points. I have to learn more about hotel points since all I have is Hilton and Accor. Hilton seems so high on award nights that I have just paid. Probably screwed up since I had diamond for a year status match but their "when available" upgrades seem to mean "never."

    Accor is a different story as we are always treated like VIPs and given huge upgrades and I used my 4X points for in effect two free nights in NY.

    My wife is particular about hotels so I can't just stay at some fleabag. I guess that cuts my options though I think my Chase points can be used to book hotels rather than transfer to a partner. I try to read forums and blogs but I think I'm better at getting cards then using points to best advantage.

    At least the CSR triple points are going to help, as we are taking a World Cruise that is pretty expensive. This can help some on spend for bonuses because we just don't spend on many things other than travel and the only regular bills that take plastic are cable and mobile phone.

    My wife just got AMEX Platinum so I have to find $4000 in 3 months. I wish she had it in time for our car purchase but maybe I can find a $2000 airfare that is a deal so get 5X.

    Do most of you "pros" have real jobs or is this it? It does take a lot of time and care. Actually, except for B of A, I haven't had a problem with any bank.
  12. Hanoi IG

    Hanoi IG Silver Member

    But where is that online or is it the tiny print stuff I threw away. Anyway I'm 99% certain that mine was $30,000 since I did save that email from Amtrak
  13. ukinny2000

    ukinny2000 Level 2 Member

    when you go to the amtrak application page (or any application page for that matter), there will always be a link somewhere that states, or opens up a window that displays, the term & conditions. Details of the offer are usually towards the top, but you can always do ctrl+f to search for the text of the award (for example, if the award is 30,000 points/mi;es, just search for "30,000" and it will likely take you to the relevant paragraph)
  14. Hanoi IG

    Hanoi IG Silver Member

    Thanks. I guess I should find a way to do this when I get the card.
  15. MickiSue

    MickiSue Level 2 Member Supporter

    Nothing but trouble means that they never post your points, or that they mess up a payment and you end up paying interest when you actually made it on time (has happened to me) or that they close your account for suspicious activity that isn't suspicious, and won't give any information or modification of their decision.

    Banks are banks. They are in business for themselves, not for you. If you expect to be handled with kid gloves by poorly paid CSRs, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

    IF you have a compelling reason to get your bonus points to post early, then you ask really, really nicely, and maybe they'll do it. When Daughter was pregnant with Grandson, and we wanted a ticket for Husband ASAP to Italy for after he was born, I called Amex and explained the situation, and asked if they could possibly post the bonus points. After the CSR actually considered the possibilities, the points posted in about 3 days.
  16. Hanoi IG

    Hanoi IG Silver Member

    I dont care when they post. All I'm saying is this bank is not considerate and they don't respond to requests.
  17. Walmero

    Walmero Level 2 Member

    Happy New Year to all! You def have to allot extra time for extracurricular and ancillary activities. But at the same time I've found plenty of instances in this space where ask (politely) and ye shall receive.
  18. smittytabb

    smittytabb Moderator Staff Member

    Exactly! If you decide the bank is trouble, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Hey, I do my best to treat everyone in customer service really well (their jobs tend to suck) and it does makes things so much better. Often they are working around a structure that is tough and end up getting a lot of complaints as a result that have nothing to do with them. I prefer to be that person who remembers to wish them a good day and treat them well. Surprising how well that tends to go!
  19. Hanoi IG

    Hanoi IG Silver Member

    Who the hell said I don't treat them respectfully or calmly? I'm ranting here because of how moronic their methods are and how they send form letters that don't address the issue at hand. If I know anything, it's how to handle people. This bank, at least in my case, is unlike any other. Chase,Amex,Citi are all easy to deal with. You seem to think I expect to have a yes answer all the time. I just expect rational discourse.
  20. ukinny2000

    ukinny2000 Level 2 Member

    Hanoi, I don't read @smittytabb 's comment as being directed at you : (s)he was responding to an observation by Walmero about his/her dealings in this space.
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  21. Craig

    Craig Level 2 Member

    "I have people skills. I am good at dealing with people. Can't you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?" - Tom Smykowski, Office Space.

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