Back on the boat! Time to start cruising again!


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Now that there are young kids in our household again, I find that I'm thinking more and more about cruising. We have been doing some pretty adventurous travel the last few years, but we want to be able to take some trips with the whole family, and cruising is the perfect way to do this.

I took my first cruise when my kids were young teenagers. Prior to this, we thought we were "too cool to cruise." We thought cruise ships were filled with people who ate too much and hung around the pool with overpriced drinks. We took our kids hiking and did home exchanges with other families. We thought, "Can't people come up with a more imaginative vacation than go on a cruise?" One weekend my husband and son went camping with the Boy Scouts. Out of curiosity, I booked a 3 day cruise on Royal Caribbean out of Port Canaveral for myself and my teenaged daughter.

We both loved it, and I realized what a pompous ass I had been all those years. I also realized that if we had cruised as a family 5-10 years earlier, we could have put the kids in the children's programs and my husband and I could have had time to ourselves while on vacation. And the kids would have enjoyed it too.

I took my mother on a couple of cruises and she became a convert. We basically each did our own thing during the day and met for cocktails, dinner and the shows.

A big shocker was how incredibly affordable cruising was. We spent about the same amount of money cruising that we would spend if we were on a road trip. And this was before I knew about miles and points!

Well, the kids grew up and my husband and I got back into the more adventurous traveling. We have been having a great time, but now the next generation is coming along, and I want to travel with them sometimes. I'm really looking forward to traveling as a family again, going on cruises and getting there with miles and points.

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I agree with the affordability of cruising. Our daughter and her hubby just went on a 4 night baby moon cruise. It if it into there budget quite well.

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My seven year old son has been on six cruises already. He will be on his 7th and 8th in the next 10 months. I could not imagine a better way for family travel.