Awards - Working with the 330/331 Day Schedule


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I can never remember the exact day count for the various airlines/search engines. I just search, see when the schedule ends and figure out how many days until I should see my needed date open up. I'm specifically looking at AA in this case for a RT to Hawaii.

My notes say the flight OUT should open up in the next 2 weeks. However, staying any amount of time there (let's call it 2 full weeks for this question) ... the RETURN flight won't open up for another 2 weeks after that.

I'm leaning towards finding and reserving the OUT tickets as soon as (if? patterns say I will) I see them. Then finding the tickets home as a separate exercise. I have a few workable options to do one direction using a different currency (UR or AS), but I am flush with AA miles and really want to use these.

Short of booking an out flight and then not finding a matching return flight, is there any other down side to booking these flights separately?



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That's what I've done for trips at busy times of the year (xmas, etc). Booked outbound legs for a beach trip to Colombia in late Dec a couple of weeks ago and now shopping around for return options in early Jan.

The only problem is that you cannot take advantage of open jaw and stopover allowances booking this way. Some short hop trips we'll have to book paid tickets separately (no use in spending 20K miles for short hop flight that costs $100) as we haven't figured out all the itinerary this far out, but given more time these could be part of a stopover/open jaw routing. But, the expensive travel leg is already booked.


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The only other thing I can think of that you may run into is if you had to cancel the trip or make a change to origin/destination. You'd end up paying two redeposit fees instead of just one.