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At 2/24, time for Chase AOR

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Credit Cards' started by El Ingeniero, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. El Ingeniero

    El Ingeniero Level 2 Member

    Clearly I'm not paying attention, since I've been 2/24 since May and was 3/24 before that.

    Thinking 2nd Freedom, IHG and maybe Business Marriott for a transfer to SPG.

    I'd be glad of some advice.
  2. knick1959

    knick1959 Level 2 Member

    As I was recently informed, IHG card is not subject to the 5/24 rule so, if anything, save that for last.
  3. El Ingeniero

    El Ingeniero Level 2 Member

    So Freedom, Marriott Biz, then IHG. Which would leave me at 4/24. Wonder if I can get a CSR, instead of the Freedom, then downgrade to CF; probably the best bet.
  4. GettingReady

    GettingReady Level 2 Member

    You can get the Biz Marriott when you're over 5/24 and I wouldn't waste a pull on a Freedom. You can always PC to it.

    Have a business? Chase Ink Preferred
    Travel a lot domestically and have a SW hub? Get SW CP, but time it so points post early 2018
    CSR or CSP if it's been 24 months since you received a bonus and if the card isn't currently open.
  5. Maverick17

    Maverick17 Level 2 Member

    There have been a few reports too of people doing several cards quickly, i.e. AoR, and getting Chase shutdowns. So I'd space them out a bit rather than doing multiples.
  6. R.R.

    R.R. Level 2 Member

    Agreed. Once I'm under 5/24, my top priorities will be Ink and Sapphire.
  7. projectx

    projectx Level 2 Member

    +1 on this. Be careful. My wife is under 5/24 and it has changed our strategy on the Southwest CP.
  8. currid7

    currid7 Level 2 Member

    Agree with posts above, Marriot Biz and IHG are both exempt from 5/24, so wait. Ink Preferred, CSR (yes, some of us still don't have it!), any United cards, etc. You can always PC to a Freedom, so not sure if that should get a spot.
  9. El Ingeniero

    El Ingeniero Level 2 Member

    I should have mentioned which Chase cards I presently have: Ink Bold ($21K CL), Ink Plus ($23.5K), Hyatt ($10K), Freedom ($4.5K).

    Not sure I want another Ink, except for the signup bonus. I'm thinking a Sapphire, not 100% decided on which. For sure I will not need to pay for lounge access for next years trip (MSP-SEA-PEK-IST-BCN-JFK-MSP) since that will all be in J or F, so I am inclined towards a CSP, since I have no bonused restaurant spend. Biz Marriott after that, I suppose.

    Should I reduce my CLs to free up total CL?
  10. GettingReady

    GettingReady Level 2 Member

    Do NOT reduce your credit limit with Chase. You may not get auto-approved but at least you'll have some leverage if you have to call. Otherwise, you may still have to move credit even if you reduce the limit.

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