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Annual Free Night for IHG Chase Card

Discussion in 'IHG' started by hollywoodms, May 29, 2014.

  1. hollywoodms

    hollywoodms Level 2 Member

    Just as an FYI, the terms of the annual free night clearly state that it can only be used by the cardholder. However, I was able to redeem it for a friend recently who had an expensive one-night stay. I called IHG and they had no problem booking the reservation in my name and adding my friend as an additional guest. He had no problems with the stay.
  2. Alex1432

    Alex1432 Level 2 Member

    I believe you can book rooms like this for any chain I have booked spg and Marriott points for others by doing what you did. What I have read is sometimes they do not honor your status with the chain if you are not there so perks like free internet may not apply.
  3. CKaway

    CKaway Level 2 Member

    I have booked for others as well, Starwood and IHG. When I call to add the name, I just say that that person will be arriving before I do and I want them to be able to check in. No problems.
  4. David G

    David G Level 2 Member

    Interesting - I've had instances where the hotel told me that I had to check in at some point during the stay (rez was booked with my account, but I put genuine additional guests on on the rez). Good to know!
  5. Littleblackdress

    Littleblackdress Little family

    I often have people check in for me. I call them ahead of time and let them know. I am pretty sure there are some hotels that just expect it at this point.
  6. daveinla

    daveinla Level 2 Member

    It's pretty established that people have been able to book for stays after the cert expiration date as long as the time of booking is before the expiration date (ex, cert expires in Aug, make booking now for stay in Sept). My sister did it 2 years ago (with much hesitation), before other datapoints came out. I am not aware of any datapoints of these certs being rejected at the hotel, but I'm also hesitating to make this type of booking. My wife and I each have certs that expire in October and aren't going anywhere until late January. We would like to stay at IC Singapore. What are your thoughts on this?
  7. DavidNJ

    DavidNJ Level 2 Member

    You can book the stay after the expiration date. However you will forfeit the stay if you change or cancel.
  8. daveinla

    daveinla Level 2 Member

    I know it works, but I don't see anything official about this. I would have nothing to support me if the hotel refuses to accept it.

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